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“We’ve grown several fold as a

company almost entirely

due to SPI. We doubled our

client base and became even more

respected in the marketplace.

They helped us improve revenue,

but also as a company.

They are great partners.”


 - CEO, Aviation Software Firm

Why Sales Partnerships?

  • Strong return on investment. Clients often see better results and lower costs than building internally.
  • We sell quickly. Our sales team is established and selling quickly (as little as 45 days - sometimes faster)
  • Proven results. You'll see results, but also have access to data and analysis detailing how those results are achieved.
  • You're in control. You control the product, territory, and target customers – you set the focus and level of integration with your marketing, support, and other departments.
  • Access to the best in class. Gain instant access to best of breed selling technology, systems, processes, and expertise without making substantial investments in time and treasure to get there.

In Simple Terms, What Do We Do?

Under your brand identity, we sell your products and services via inside sales, outside sales, or enterprise level sales representation (no telemarketing). We provide “direct branded” representation, meaning the customer sees the sales force as a direct extension and ambassador of your brand.  We recruit the sales professionals as our employees, train them, manage them, and close the deals on your “paper.” We can deploy sales teams in as little as 45 days (and sometimes less) to perform:

  • Outside Sales / Field Sales
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Inside Sales
  • Pharma Detailing
  • Customer Engagement/Sales Enablement
  • Retention

If you’re in the process of researching sales outsourcing services, we’d love to talk.

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